We are the bridge between hard problems and valuable software.
We build the right software.
Find a problem worth solving.
We have seen too many projects fail because the problem being solved for wasn’t first validated as a real issue. We refuse to spend a client’s money on our time building software no one wants. Instead, we identify a real problem before anything else.
Deliver a valuable product.
With a real problem in hand, we are set to deliver a software solution. We are seasoned software developers with the knowledge and skills to not just bring software to market in a timely fashion, but to also ensure it is maintainable and scalable.
Ask hard questions.
Addressing the hard questions early allows us to be effective with our planning and strategizing.
Keep only what's essential.
It might feel hard letting go of ideas, but we keep the product to its essentials. We’re confident this will save time and money and still deliver the core value.
Use industry leading tools.
Product Sprints are a five day process used at the start of a project to prove out the idea. Once validated, we use the best frameworks – and the right ones for the job – to build the software.
Keep internal processes lean and focused.
We stay abreast of new technologies and push the boundaries of what – and how quickly – we can build. This ensures the software meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s users.
We are Jordan and Patrick.
We are passionate craftsmen. We have many years of experience defining, planning, designing, and developing applications and are both full-stack developers. Our experience allows us to use the larger vision as the lense through which to guide the myriad choices that go into the process.
We are fair and honest in everything we do.
jordan Jordan streamlines development processes and tools so you don’t pay for boilerplate and simple functionality. He has a natural eagerness and aptitude for thinking outside-the-box and solving difficult problems quickly.
patrick Before the building begins, Patrick makes sure you’re building the right product. He draws on his many years of meditation and software development experience to stay focused while holding the big picture in view.
Our schedule is tight and we’re a small team, so if you’d like to book your project, contact us now. Call us at (802) 448-0341 or email Hello@Icarus.Works. We're located in Burlington, VT, so if you're in the area we'd love to meet in person.
Build valuable software.™